Dedagroup grows for the 13th year in-a-row

The new business model allows more strategic agility and a platform of solutions and know-how for Digital Business

  • Revenues up to 247M€ (+3%)
  • EBITDA reached 21M€ (+6%)
  • Steadiness in Equity at 48M€
  • Best performances recorded by the business units of Finance & Financial Software (Piteco Group and Dedagroup Business Solutions) and Digital Fashion (Dedagroup Stealth) 
  • Headcounts up to 1,700 people 
  • More than 33,000 hours of training performed (+260% vs. 2017) and 1,600 professional certifying programs completed

Trento, July 23, 2019Dedagroup proves itself in a positive trend with 2018 results recording the 13th year of growth. The board of shareholders of this relevant entity in the Made in Italy ICT industry, working in software production, system integration and consulting projects approved the Balance Sheet 2018, in which all financial and economic indicators are positive.
Group revenues grow by 3% reaching 247M€, while Group EBITDA moves from 19M€ in 2017 to 21M€ in 2018, increasing by 6%. Operating profit switches to positive sign from -870K€ to +605K€, net loss improves from 6.388K€ to 2.113K€, equity holds steady, while net financial position at 12/31/2018 was reduced from 52M€ to 48M€.

"The results in 2018 prove our satisfaction with the renewed business model, which we put in place between 2016 and 2018 through the corporate re-organization. I feel its potential in terms of market positioning and performance still has not been fully displayed Marco Podini, Executive President and CEO at Dedagroup declared. We are advancing on a positive track, despite the dynamic and increasingly challenging market.  We have been a recognized aggregation hub for top Italian companies in Software and SAAS (Software as a Service) solutions since 2000. We are willing to keep investing in the know-how and the development of our reference markets. The key benefit of the new organization is giving the line of business increased speed, agility and strategic responsiveness: The Group and its DNA, rooted in software excellence and Italian know-how, is more and more a platform for consolidation, seen as attractive and relevant by the ecosystem of innovation, both in the domestic and in the international scenario. Also, the results of the first quarter prove the positive trend and offer encouraging indications, with revenues increasing by 10% and all key performance indicators improving."

Thanks to the new business model, which has been executed in the last two years and the corporate reorganization, which went on in 2018 giving birth to Dedagroup Business Solutions, now the Group operates through 7 strategic business areas. Among these, an important contribution to the Group performance came from the public company Piteco, listed on MTA Stock Exchange, more and more clearly positioned as a software hub for Finance solutions. Despite the Dedagroup strategy for 2018 focused on organic growth, Piteco pulled off the acquisition of 56% share of Myrios. Also, the newly born Dedagroup Business Solutions closed an important financial year, serving the transformation of the Banking industry with several projects in the fields of systems migration, M&A and digital payments. Following the recommendations of European compliance directions, it also executed an extraordinary operation for the transfer of a branch to its longtime client Cassa Centrale Banca. Significant contribution to the Finance hub of the Group also came from the international operations run by the companies which are based in the USA and in Mexico, which represent revenues for 28M€ accounting for the 11% of the total.

Also, the entities offering services and solutions in the ERP segment strengthened the market share they own in their reference industries: Dedagroup Stealth in Fashion & Luxury Retail segment, Derga with its services around SAP solutions, and the Local Public Sector component of Dedagroup Public ServicesDedagroup Wiz continues its growth supporting customers in their Digital Transformation processes.

All the entities in the Group benefit from definite growth in recurrent revenues coming from Services and Fee-based Services, realizing the "As A Service" model which is a milestone of the 2017-2020 Business Plan and whose revenues grew by 7.6% in 2018. In particular, the Business Unit Business Technology & Data has recorded an offering reinforcement. The execution of this model also explains the important R&D, financial, tangible and intangible investments whose amount reaches 33 million Euros (14% of the revenues). Dedagroup proves its strategic interest towards innovation and research, with the goal of building and developing world-class software solutions, digital platforms and know-how for all the industry segments it covers, pursuing business development in Italy and abroad competing with Know-How and Relevancy as corner stones of its value proposition.

To support the ambition of its business, Human Resources has maintained an important strand of development and investment in 2018. Recruiting specialized professional, developing Talent and offering training and professional growth paths to its People were the goals pursued through Dedagroup Digital Academy and Dedagroup Build (Y)Our Future Master initiatives, which contributed to the result of a qualified workforce of 1,700 people (+6% vs 2017) with new high profile employees joining in and reduced average age thanks to large hires. Data which proves Dedagroup attractive and satisfying for employees, especially if seen with the 33,000 training hours performed (+260% vs 2017) and 1,600 certifying programs completed. Behind these investments, the willingness to maintain very high levels of know-how in the IT and Digital fields, in order to offer excellent standards to customers choosing Dedagroup as their partner for mission critical IT needs.


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