Another step in our development path: Dedagroup Stealth becomes Deda Stealth


An evolution that affects not only the naming but also the organization of the company, to support the fashion world even more effectively


Deda Stealth is the new name and the fruit of the evolution of Dedagroup Stealth.

Knowing how to adapt quickly to change today is imperative, especially in the fashion market, which is highly fragmented and characterized by the presence of large groups but also by small and medium-sized companies. The evolution of Dedagroup Stealth into Deda Stealth is to be read precisely as a response to this growing complexity: a renewal that concerns not only the naming but also the organization for an even more agile and flexible Deda Stealth, radically embedded in the market.


“Supporting brands in their growth and accompanying them in the challenges of today and those of tomorrow is the mission that has always guided us. To respond to an increasingly complex and multifaceted sector, the company is being renewed, in naming but also organization, thanks to a path of organizational participation that has directly involved our people”.

Luca Tonello, General Manager Deda Stealth

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