Another step in our development path: the Group grows in the AI and Data Intelligence market with Nodes and ORS


Dedagroup acquires 100% of Nodes and increases its stake in ORS to 51%


Dedagroup continues to pursue its organic and non-organic growth strategy, further reinforcing its presence and offerings in the increasingly strategic areas of AI and Data Intelligence. The Group has acquired 100% of Nodes, a company specializing in developing corporate solutions to govern data and transform them into crucial information supporting decision-making processes. In addition, Dedagroup has sharply increased from 20% to 51% its stake in ORS, a leading developer of software platforms for optimizing and automating business processes using AI algorithms.

The Group is thus expanding its skillset and software solutions for process digitalization and data management in the key sectors in which it operates.

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“Although technological efficiency means standardization to many people, we at Dedagroup strongly believe that it relates to the ability to personalize: a goal that can only be achieved through human intelligence governance. In both Nodes and ORS, we found what to us is the ideal combination of the highest technological standards and that ability to interpret and thus respond, to the market needs, to evolve. We believe this approach should be taken to fully exploit the strength of data and AI — key assets in the digitalization and efficiency of all processes”.

Marco Podini, Dedagroup’s Executive Chairman

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