Continuous & Social Learning

The E-Academy is Deda Group's Continuous & Social Learning tool launched to guarantee all Deda People the possibility to train independently and without any time constraint.


The E-Academy is part of our (Y)Our Dedagroup Training & Culture’s ecosystem, created to develop skills, promoting collective intelligence and innovation. Our training offer includes also a Master path designed for Deda People with high professional and managerial potential, FIT Talks, and Tech Talks.

E-Academy's training catalog - which is constantly evolving - already includes numerous titles: Cyber Security, Culture Agility, IT Project Management, Change Management, Company as a Learning Center, Negotiation and Managing Communication. The platform, constantly expanded and enriched with contents more and more focused on our reality, mixes soft skills and cross-industry topics and - shortly - will be integrated with some of the contents developed for (Y)Our Master, because our development as a company cannot disregard our evolution as individuals.


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