Rethinking the way of experiencing the company: the Agile Work project


With the launch of the Agile Work project at the beginning of 2021, Dedagroup wanted to permanently rethink the way of experiencing work in the company, going beyond the concept of home working and launching a strategic reorganization of activities based on measurable objectives. This choice was based on listening to the Deda People through internal surveys that allowed the project to develop and evolve also based on collective feeling, to create an authentic culture of Agile Work, consolidating and further improving this approach to working life that today has been chosen by more than 90% of employees.  

Strengthening the Agile Work culture means learning to make the most of the peculiarities and differences between working remotely and in the office, giving access to the most advanced tools, and creating collaborative spaces and workstations for activities carried out in the presence, bookable through a dedicated application. With this same objective, the project enters a new phase, dedicated to the training of Deda People, which aims to consolidate and improve the approach adopted, refining three soft skills that are fundamental for performing, even remotely, efficient, healthy, and sustainable work: the ability to organize and self-organize, widespread leadership and effective and transparent communication. Believing that, to best meet people's needs, Agile Work must continue to evolve and update itself, Dedagroup also joins the Università Cattolica's SWAP Laboratory (an acronym for "Smart Working, Corporate Welfare, and Organizational Participation"), which aims to read Smart Working and Corporate Welfare within the framework of organizational participation.


“In Dedagroup, we believe that work is identity and relationship. Therefore, starting new relationships with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders is key to creating a professional identity. This phase of the Agile Work project is a further step toward constructing a new Dedagroup, where trust, flexibility, and responsibility are at the center. Here people will be able to entertain a healthier relationship with their colleagues even when they work remotely. To reach this goal, they will need to learn new soft skills that help enhance agile working”

Valentina Gilli, Director Human Resources, Dedagroup

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