(Y)Our Master


What is (Y)Our Master? (Y)Our Master is a multidisciplinary training program lasting 18 months, focused both on transversal technical skills and on cultural and value-related issues, conceived to build excellence and design our Group’s future.

How did (Y)Our Master come about? Developing potential, motivating, engaging. With these three macro-goals in mind, in 2018, we started to design (Y)Our Master. These goals put people at the center: the trainees (High Professional and High Potential) first and foremost, but also the trainers. Indeed, we immediately focused on a two-way path that could be undertaken, with different roles and features, both by those invited to learn and those invited to transfer knowledge. In fact, by combining opinions, relations and experiences, trainers also learn and enrich their own path.

(Y)Our Master — the jewel in the crown of (Y)Our Dedagroup Training & Culture, our “continuous learning” system — is a program designed by Deda People for Deda People: our most valuable asset. Our Group’s future has to enhance their growth and development, regarding technical skills, but not only. The ability to work as a team and network one’s own expertise, the self-leadership, and the ability to interpret and become bearers of the company’s culture vis à vis all our stakeholders are equally important elements. Technical expertise cannot ignore how we carry out our activities daily. And vice versa.

These considerations form the foundation of the three training courses on which (Y)Our Master is based:

  • Be Deda, for the development of a common culture and a recognizable style of leadership; 
  • BU Excellence, for the enhancement of transversal skills specific to the sectors and markets covered; 
  • Personal Effectiveness, for the development and full deployment of leadership and individual impact capabilities.

The trainees’ voice


(Y)Our Master is a journey, and like all journeys, it leaves something inside that remains with you both professionally and in everyday life

Compared to other training opportunities, (Y)Our Master is etched in the company fabric. It is an on-the-job training that allows you to get to know the company, the business, and people’s work better

Sharing concepts and internal expertise: an approach that gives us more ideas and power in what we propose and offer to our customers

(Y)Our Master allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and face situations I would never have experienced on my own, which enriched me as a person

The trainers’ voice


(Y)Our Master has created a distinctive method of teaching in Deda: a unique internal format and an experience-based learning methodology.

The concept is to stir things up with powerful ideas that branch out by sharing from the center to the Group’s periphery.

(Y)Our Master has strengthened my mantra on the approach to working life, namely the importance of sharing experiences and knowledge amongst Group companies.

A mix of theoretical topics, on-the-job training and fusion with colleagues who come from completely different training or work paths.


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