Public Services

Data-driven administration


A digital country with public service institutions and companies that serve citizens and businesses by designing the fully implemented digital infrastructure envisaged in the Three-Year Plan and new sustainable development models to manage resources more efficiently. Our daily commitment is to make this a reality by supporting the public administration and public service organizations (energy and utilities, healthcare, transport, postal) in their journey towards digitalization.  

We aid cities in becoming local development centers, central institutions in creating a data-driven administration, and companies in developing their networks and innovating their processes. We invest in constantly developing internal expertise and in cooperating with our partners to continue to create new innovation processes.  

Italy’s digital transformation may be achieved by adopting transversal, modular SaaS models and solutions such as Folium and Civilia Next: the cloud, transparency, redesigned administrative procedures and data governance are the key elements of our range of products and services.


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