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Financial controls are a crucial aspect of business management. A secure and informed governance capability is needed to generate immediate and tangible benefits.
 Our goal is to meet all corporate treasury needs with best-in-class proprietary software solutions and advice on proper financial planning. We support companies in all-cash management issues or relationship issues with banks, suppliers, and customers by planning future financial flows, accurate monitoring of investments, and active management of the entire financial supply chain.

With the Piteco Group (BIT: PITE), we work at the core of a hub serving the most widely recognized Italian and international corporations, supporting them from the research and development stages to the implementation and assistance ones. We operate in 50 countries, including Vietnam, Australia, and the United States, with well-established industry best practices — the cornerstone of our commitment to creating value and ensuring the best service performance.

We want to shape the future together with our customers. We do that by building long-term relationships capable of optimizing the financial management with technological solutions ready to support companies and financial institutions in their challenges, ensuring greater productivity, standardization, and, at the same time, capacity for growth.


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