Another step in our development path: Dedagroup Stealth acquires the start-up Bsamply


This transaction strengthens the Company’s position in the fashion industry, extending its offer for managing an extended supply chain


Building an extended and even more digitalized supply chain based on the principles of transparency, sustainability, and traceability to support the development of the fashion industry: with this outlook, Dedagroup Stealth announces the acquisition of 100% of the business unit that controls the innovative platform of the start-up Bsamply.

The platform — which promotes the digitalization of the fashion raw material sector and was born to connect raw material suppliers (from fabrics to yarns to leathers and accessories) and fashion and interior design companies— will become a part of Dedagroup Stealth, strengthening the new division that will be established.

With the acquisition, Bsamply Lab, a Tunisian company of qualified software developers, also becomes part of Dedagroup Stealth, thus further expanding the company's and the whole Group's international footprint.


“Like every sector, the fashion industry has also been influenced by two fundamental macro-trends in recent years: the need and desire to raise the level of sustainability of its products, extending the control and the traceability over all materials accordingly, and the need to innovate, identifying, for example the best opportunities offered by research and technology on material development. Bsamply meets both these needs in perfect harmony with a mission that inspires the development of our solutions each day.”

Cosimo Solida, Vice President of Dedagroup Stealth

“Alongside Dedagroup Stealth, we dedicate further energy and constancy to our growth process. From 2017 we have made enormous progress, including the re-platforming we have launched, and we are certain that our partnership with a company like Dedagroup Stealth will become a strength for us, both in the near future and looking further ahead. While staying true to our defining DNA and business model, we aim to expand our customer portfolio further and provide services that increasingly meet brands’ needs.”

Andrea Fiume, Founder of Bsamply

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