Peach State Federal Credit Union and VisiFi: instant data, enhanced governance


The Accounting and Back-Office Department of a credit union is the engine that ensures the organization is running effectively. One of the main goals of this department is the balancing process. To prevent errors in this phase, the ability to look at data quickly and with great detail is crucial. 

This element was precisely one of the business needs that Peach State Federal Credit Union wanted to address when they started to work with VisiFi. Indeed, the accounting data's batch processing was affecting their ability to solve internal balancing issues in a timely manner. Together with the limited search options and filters available on the batch system, this led Peach State to look for a real-time solution that could enhance the system, ensuring instant access to information.

With the implementation of VisiFi's Real Time General Ledger, Peach State can now research potential outages on a real-time basis and, therefore, build a more data-driven credit union.  


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