Dedagroup joins GAIA-X

A new chapter of the European data strategy written with Italy’s contribution


Trento, November 18, 2020 – Dedagroup S.p.A., an aggregating hub of Italian outstanding companies within the Software and Solutions as a Service market, currently operating in 58 countries and with more than 3,600 clients, upon the occasion of the GAIA-X Summit, is pleased to announce that it will be joining, as a Day-1 Member, the European project created by politicians, business leaders and scientists.

Dedagroup recognizes the economic and social value pursued by GAIA-X and shares the initiative's ultimate goals out of the conviction that by so doing it can create value for its clients. GAIA-X is a next-generation infrastructure for creating a sovereign, secure data space in accordance with the European data strategy. A product of combined efforts by European IT pioneers to support their partners and clients as they grow on the international market, it is an ecosystem founded on European values and rules, intended to allow its users and countries to grow and compete securely on a global scale. GAIA-X is a game-changer for companies operating in the data sector: a secure, federated, decentralized system designed to meet the highest standards of data sovereignty, in addition to promoting innovation.

In joining the project, Dedagroup — which guides businesses, finance and government through digital transformation and new business models based on Software as a Service — is pursuing the precise goal of transferring to its clients the value of the activity that its most expert personnel will be carrying out with the working groups of the GAIA-X federation to set data sharing standards.

Marco Podini, Dedagroup’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, stated: “In light of our work as pioneers on data-related issues, we have been following GAIA-X's development very closely from the outset. We recognize its essential goal of protecting data and its forward-looking approach in meeting the numerous challenges posed by an economy of ecosystems, partnerships and exchanges, towards which today's business models and technology are driving the market. Our Group’s constant growth is proof that Italian software can also compete at the international level. In the data protection standards devised by GAIA-X, we see an avenue to safeguarding Italian-made software and all the know-how that it encompasses, while also protecting the data of our clients, who will thus be able to pursue business models based on data-sharing with greater peace of mind and security. I believe that the considerable participation in the project by Italian players is excellent news and a clear sign that Italy is ready to contribute to penning the next chapter of the European data strategy.”

Roberto Loro, Dedagroup’s CTO, continued: “For many years now, our Group has been deeply committed to developing platforms, including on an open-source basis, for data and service interoperability. Thanks to the Co-Innovation Lab, created in 2016 with the Bruno Kessler Foundation, we worked with researchers to create the first multi-sector data-driven ecosystems, which lie at the heart of the Group’s innovation strategies. Hence our determined participation in the GAIA-X initiative, which takes these issues, this experience and know-how to a European scale. Dedagroup will provide its technological expertise and tradition with cloud, data and service interoperability, while also contributing to developing new use cases, which will benefit from our deep understanding of processes in sectors such as Finance, Public Administration and Fashion. I think that GAIA-X is a first, important step towards establishing a ‘European approach’ to digital transformation, in which interoperable technological cloud infrastructure and a cross-sector data and service exchange platform will be key to digital innovation and to bringing concrete benefits to our clients, whether they are businesses, other organizations or citizens.”

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