Stealth Day 2021: Reshaping the Fashion Industry through Technology

Innovation and Sustainability to face Fashion's New Normal


Six different events to explore the potential offered by new tools and the strategic approaches required at each step of the value chain


Trento, May 18, 2021An entirely new format is in store for the 2021 edition of Stealth Day, the annual event by Dedagroup Stealth, a subsidiary of Dedagroup S.p.A. that has supported the growth of the foremost brands in fashion and luxury with its expertise and software platform for 30 years.

This eighth edition, Reshaping the Fashion Industry Through Technology, will feature six different digital events that, through the participation of authoritative voices from the sector and Dedagroup Stealth's experience and knowledge of the market, seeks to examine and explore the potential of the new tools and strategic approaches capable of reshaping the fashion industry, one of the economic sectors most severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The fashion sector, which physical experiences have always characterized — from interaction with customers in shops to a live physical presence at fashion week events — must now reckon with a New Normal, adapting to the use of the new digital channels and meeting the needs of consumers increasingly attentive to brands’ sustainability performances.

In this profoundly transformed scenario, technology becomes one of the main tools destined to usher in a new normalcy. Thanks to innovative solutions, fashion brands and retailers can reformulate their business strategies and complete increasingly challenging projects. In addition, decision-makers can react to new market trends by embracing new sustainability paradigms throughout the supply chain and rethink the retail sector through an omnichannel approach

The first event, How to achieve sustainability in fashion with technology, is scheduled for 16:30 on May 20. On this occasion, Luca Tonello and Viktoriia Shiriaeva of Dedagroup Stealth, together with Andrea Mené, Managing Director of Zedonk, Josh Henretig, VP Global Partnerships of HIGG, Arcangelo D'Onofrio, CEO & Founder of Temera, and Marco Ruffa, Chief Marketing Officer of Temera, will discuss the new tools available to measure brands’ social and environmental impacts. The session will be moderated by Jordana Guimaraes, Co-Founder of Fashinnovation NYC

“For us, Stealth Day is a not-to-miss annual event during which, through our distinctive focus on the market, we tell the Stealth Community and all companies in the fashion industry about what we are working on as a Company. This year, more than ever, it seems important to bear witness to our customers' support. The 2021 edition of Stealth Day, a series of six digital events, is thus designed to illustrate our commitment to the Stealth® product, but also to look beyond our borders by extending the event to an increasingly international community,” stated Mimmo Solida, CEO of Dedagroup Stealth


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