Going Digital, Staying Personal

Callahan features the new VisiFI’s digital banking solution


VisiFI, the Deda Group’s company operating in the U.S. Credit Unions’ industry, is featured on Callahan’s publication creditunions.com with the article Build It And They Will Come — And Stay: The Do-It-Yourself Digital Storefront. The company, that has recently launched the new application, explains more about the overall approach ithis dedicated feature about a new milestone in their evolution path.  

Regaining loyalty with a digital, yet personal, approach

2021 marked the overtaking of banks on credit unions in terms of total satisfaction. (Source: American Customer Satisfaction Index). How can Credit Unions regain loyalty – and membership – over banks? VisiFi’s purpose is to deliver new technologies to fulfill the rising needs of the Credit Unions and their members. 

The VisiFI’s “Design Your Own Digital Branch” application aims at helping credit unions to reverse this trend: an innovative technology that enables them to simply drag and drop new digital storefronts.   


Simplifying the creation of digital branches

This new way of going digital was supported through a co-operation and co-creation path with VisiFI’s clients: “We have a three-year digital roadmap: we want to continue to be on the edge with new technologies, to deliver more security and safety for our members. We stand and build on members’ needs. VisiFI has the knowledge to accompany us as we move forward” says Greg Mills, CEO of $250 million Aventa Credit Union in Colorado Springs, CO.