Artificial Intelligence & Data

AI generates opportunities.
Dedication turns them into decisions.

The full adoption of AI models drives the success of cutting-edge companies. 

We promote the competitiveness of entities and companies by using technologies capable of turning data into value through the most advanced visualization techniques applied to big data analysis and data warehousing.

We support organizations by helping them save time and reduce errors in managing day-to-day operations, from peaks of activity to intelligent robotic process automation, from natural language processing services to document management

We explore the true potential of AI in cutting-edge applications: from the rise of virtual assistants and recommendation systems to complex supply chain management and optimization for large corporates and retail businesses, from financial credibility assessment of financial institutions' clients to economic assets’ wealth management. Consistently with our pioneering spirit, we experiment with the generative capabilities of AI and image processing to support marketing and corporate communications by designing computer vision and machine learning models capable of deriving information from countless sources, such as digital images, video, and other visual inputs.

We base these processes on reliable, secure data quality and governance, data protection, and master data management techniques to create a digital twin of the organization that ensures the predictive abilities of the business. Through data intelligence, this mathematical brain for company management improves the understanding of customers, competition, and market trends to make more informed decisions. 
We drive the cognitive automation of businesses, following AI developments not only from a technological standpoint but also considering their impacts on the lives of individuals and society, with an awareness of the need for training to provide new skills and develop more sustainable business models. 

Navigating this sea of opportunities extends the technological perspective of AI into the social and regulatory domains, increasing the risks of bluewashing. We support companies facing ethical issues — such as bias and fair judgment, data protection, transparency, security, and personnel reskilling and upskilling. To this end, we work with our customers on AI models capable of supporting ESG initiatives, cutting waste through predictive maintenance, and improving the efficiency of the supply chain by optimizing delivery processes and reducing the carbon footprint of transportation.
We operate in a data intelligence market where intelligent machines and software combine and collaborate with their users to improve efficiency and drive innovation.

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