Cloud & Cybersecurity

Expertise and technology secure your data.
Dedication turns them into value.

Cloud Computing is accelerating and is now part of every company's activity. A "cloud" that naturally embraces technological innovations and institutions’ and businesses' development paths.

Based on the leading-by-example approach, we aim to offer the best solutions available. Together with our customers, we face current challenges, such as competition, new business models, strict European data security and protection regulations, combined with all the new ways of accessing and experiencing workspaces or work activities themselves.

To improve their processes constantly, we partner with institutions, companies, and organizations in the public and private sectors that use innovative technologies to develop products and services.

Our purpose is to design increasingly high-performing, secure, scalable, and financially sustainable Multicloud As-a-Service Solutions to bring efficiency and speed to processes while keeping a distance from any lock-in.

As a Managed Cloud Services Provider, we drive companies’ growth to enhance our clients' strength and ensure their business continuity during their digital transformation projects. How do we do that?  By providing the necessary technological solutions and execution, together with our expertise in supporting customers - a first-rate execution capability - and the innovative power we bring to each project.

We want to be the technological reference point for those who look at IT, Cloud, and Security as services. Thanks to the Group’s expertise in six different markets, we don’t forget the importance of processes and applications. We have a portfolio capable of meeting all needs in the Data Protection, Networking, Cloud proximity, Infrastructures As-a-Service fields, and we offer managed services for Cybersecurity.

By combining Cloud’s power with infrastructure security, we offer our clients best-in-class technologies and solutions, such as the Long-Term Data Protection we developed through our Digital Knowledge Life Competence Center.


A strong Entrepreneurial Group for
the country's digital growth.