Public Services

Data increases our understanding of the society.
Dedication helps improve it.

We accelerate Italy's digital transformation by helping public administrations and utility companies designing services and solutions for citizens and businesses. We do this by creating the technological infrastructures established by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) three-year plan and proposing new sustainable development models for more efficient resources management.

Thanks to our systematic approach, we are working for a digital and straightforward Italy. Processes and services must be rethought and designed for the actual citizens' needs. Data must become interoperable and georeferenced to make better, more informed, and rapid decisions. The once-only principle must become a reality.

We make this possible by embracing cloud computing as a key enabling factor supporting the digital transition and the consequent ecological transition, proposing the adoption of transversal and modular models and SaaS solutions such as Folium or Civilia Next.

A data-centered approach, simple processes, value for the people are the goals driving us daily. We pursue these purposes by mixing our in-depth knowledge of the public market (Central and local public administrations, Health, Energy) with our certified technological skills, developing dedicated solutions and advice paths.

We invest in the internal skills’ constant development and cooperation with partners to continue to create new paths for innovation. We innovate processes to help towns and cities become local development centers, central bodies to achieve data-driven administration, and companies developing their networks.

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