Co-Innovation Lab


The Co-Innovation Lab was set up in 2016 in collaboration with FBK – Fondazione Bruno Kessler and aimed to define standards and best practices for bringing tangible innovation into companies and institutions. The shared laboratory supports the opening and interoperability of data and services (Open Data, Open Services) and the developing of next-generation digital applications.

This full-fledged hub of multidisciplinary expertise focuses on methodology and technology innovation to enable digital change through an Open Innovation approach, thanks to shared knowledge and experiences.


Digital Hub

The Co-Innovation Lab centers around the Digital Hub, a data and service interoperability platform designed to make information available easily and quickly. It is a model for approaching the business's digital future, increasingly linked to the ability to create, fuel and manage the digital context of users and customers. The goal is to leverage the wealth of existing data and relationships while meeting the more common or innovative digital needs of customers of all sizes and industries.

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The Co-Innovation Lab is a platform capable of fostering the development of innovation loops: a virtuous cycle that arises from dialog and fusion with a view to continuous improvement and integration of new solutions, technologies, and skills to face digital transformation. This systemic vision extends beyond the boundaries of each business, imagining today what will happen tomorrow through an ongoing process enriched by new stimuli and opportunities every day.


The Laboratory is the hub of our open innovation ecosystem, available to our stakeholders, partners, and ecosystems of Dedagroup and FBK to develop joint projects and form a pool of talented individuals to meet tomorrow's needs. It is an environment in which to train new skills for the Digital Transformation and create innovation cells for constant dialog between Companies and Research Centers to integrate new technologies and solutions that foster technological development on priority market topics.


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