Co-Innovation Lab


The Co-Innovation Lab is a project created in 2017 in collaboration with FBK – Fondazione Bruno Kessler, aimed at defining standards and best practices for bringing tangible innovation into companies and institutions. 

A laboratory that functions as a full-fledged hub of multidisciplinary expertise, through which we are committed to supporting:

  • the opening and interoperability of data and services for the local area, citizens and the community through the Digital Hub platform
  • the development of next-generation digital applications, enabling new forms of communication and collaboration. 

Roberto Loro, Director Technology & Innovation

Marco Pistore - Smart Community Lab, FBK


Luigi Zanella - Business Innovation & Development, Dedagroup Public Services

Hermes Mazzucco - Business Solutions Lab, Dedagroup Business Solutions


The Co-Innovation Lab is a joint investment, which in 2019 resulted in the first edition of the Co-Innovation Day: a day of exploration and dialog regarding the results of the Digital Hub project.

To us, innovation is synonymous with integration


A path of co-design and co-development between the world of research and that of the business

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