Deda helps organizations seize the opportunities for growth and development offered by technological evolution.

We are a community of people who believe in dedication as a means of enhancing the positive impact of technology on the economy and society.


For years, we have worked together and with dedication to create long-term value that helps society evolve and improves relationships between people and organizations.

Our journey

Corporate Governance

Our Group’s organization embodies what digital can and must create among companies, individuals, finance and markets, transcending national borders by building interconnected ecosystems.

Our approach


We contribute to change through investments and collaboration with all those who use technology to build possible futures.

Our projects

We are a Business & Technology accelerator

We are a Business & Technology accelerator We help organizations cultivate dedication to multiply the positive impact of technology on business development, people potential and civil society growth.

Vision and values


Services and expertise to help organizations thrive

Dedicated to Growth

Whether it is software, a technological solution or consultancy, at the heart of each project there are always people working with other people.

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