Research Projects


As we operate in a constantly evolving scenario, we look towards the future proactively, developing funded and unfunded research projects with specific goals. Sustainable mobility, fashion re-platforming, climate change, open data, and building energy recovery are some areas in which we are actively engaged.

We believe that research and an in-depth understanding of these issues enable us to be better prepared to face the market's new challenges, yielding a positive impact on the society in which we live. We collaborate with universities, research centers, and organizations to pool our resources and knowledge because we can create more comprehensive and impactful solutions by collaborating with others.

Our commitment to research enables us to be always on the cutting edge in new developments and technologies, ready to adjust and grow in step with the changes in the world around us.


Different approaches to Innovation

Dedagroup is a diverse organization in which each company in the Hub can act as an independent cell of innovation, realizing its capacity to develop products and services and study solutions capable of accelerating the market's digital transformation. This model drives the Group's innovation loop and represents our commitment to doing more than just 'connecting the dots', including within our organization, seeking to create connections that speed up value creation and adopting a distributed approach to innovation according to the various specific aspects of the business. A virtuous cycle in which innovation generates innovation, fostering the transversal adoption and management of tools in support of the development of Companies.

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Key examples of our innovation activities

Monitor for Circular Fashion

The project will provide a picture of the maturity status of the circular economy in the Italian Fashion Industry.

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Overcoming the barriers that prevent administrations from reusing and sharing services with private partners (including citizens), by developing a new transparent and collaborative governance model.

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A data Marketplace to facilitate green public and private policies concerning sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, and circular economy.

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Air Break

Smart solutions to improve air quality that help cities face the challenge of sustainable urban development.

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Analysis of local mobility data and promotion of sustainable mobility,

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Meteorological data, analysis and forecasts for citizens, the public administration and organizations.

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Startupbootcamp “FashionTech”

Scouting of start-ups and companies that offer technological solutions to the fashion industry.

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Landscape Metropolis

Development of the landscape as urban mobility infrastructure.

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Environmentally and economically sustainable management of natural resources and the territory.

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Innovative solutions to increase the share of electrical and electronic waste collected.

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A digital innovation hub for responding sustainably to the demands of the fashion industry.

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