Italian excellence
in Software and
Digital Business

Over 4,000 clients in 50 countries have chosen Deda Group to bring technology to the core of their business processes and models.

342M€ Consolidated sales in 2022
4,000+ Clients
3,000+ Employees
50+ Countries


A constantly growing company aggregator that is part of a solid family business

A strategic vision, drive to innovation and agility: these are the key traits of the Podini family’s history in business. Deda was created in 2000 to diversify the Company's core business — the mass retail sector. A federation model underlies the Group’s constant growth, making it today the seventh-largest Italian-owned IT company.

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From Northern Italy to the Gulf of Mexico, from municipalities to Italian-made products,
without ever losing sight of competency

We started our business in Trento and have since grown throughout Italy and the world. We now have a presence at 39 offices in Italy and operate directly in the UK, the US, Mexico and Tunisia. With our partners, we operate in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and China.

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