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Dedagroup is a subsidiary of Lillo S.p.A., a holding company owned by the Podini family. One of the pioneers of Italian mass-market retail, the Podini family adopted and developed a modern formula, founding the MD supermarkets that led to a real breakthrough in Italian shopping habits. 

After starting out in mass-market retail and subsequently branching out into Information Technology, the group has consistently demonstrated its desire to invest in innovative sectors that support the future growth of the country system as a whole, generating a widespread positive impact.

Dedagroup, the IT branch of the Lillo Group


In 2000, the Podini family decided to invest in information technology. It wanted to establish an aggregation hub able to unite experience and skills in the Italian Software and Solutions as a Service market. And so Dedagroup was founded.

 The holding company, Dedagroup S.p.A., continues to be based in Trento. Since its beginnings in this area, it has grown rapidly, both in Italy and worldwide.

Aggregation hub
development phases


The Finance & Data Hub grows, new services enhanced by AI

We continue to grow: new skills and expertise join our Group. Through our subsidiary Dedagroup Business Solutions, we have acquired 70 percent of Microdata Group, a company committed to streamlining and innovating the Business Process Outsourcing industry with services and solutions that harness the power of artificial intelligence.

Invests in the bank-business relationship segment

Dedagroup Business Solutions is expanding through two M&As. The company acquired 100% of Opentech, a software house specializing in Governance, Risk & Compliance integrated solutions, and a 90% interest in Laser, a digital consultancy and development firm that supports companies in the digital transformation of their processes and services.

The bond with the Northeast region is growing

Deda Next acquires Datapiano and strengthens itself in the procurement and public works sector by enhancing its presence in one of the crucial sectors for the implementation of the PNRR.

Support the fashion world even more effectively

Deda Stealth is the new name and the result of the evolution of Dedagroup Stealth . A response to the speed of change in the fashion market and renewal that affects not only the naming but also the organization, which is increasingly agile, flexible, and radically embedded into the market


Group grows in AI and Data Intelligence

Dedagroup acquires 100% of Nodes and increases its stake in ORS to 51% by strengthening its presence and offerings in the increasingly strategic areas of Artificial Intelligence and Data Intelligence.
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Boost in Digital marketing services

With the acquisition of Social Factor, Deda Digital integrates social media marketing and digital advertising solutions to support businesses' digital transformation

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Anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism and risk mitigation

Dedagroup acquires Berma and continues its organic and non-organic growth strategy. The Group strengthens its market position and expands its offering for the finance, corporate and public administration sectors

Strengthens positioning in the fashion industry

Dedagroup Stealth acquires Bsamply, extending its offer for managing an extended supply chain and accelerating the digitalization of the fashion raw material sector with a close eye on transparency and sustainability and in line with ESG policies.

Offers for active and passive taxation are enhanced

Deda Next, through its subsidiary Deda Value, grows with the acquisition of Pharosand strengthens an offering to generate increasing value for public entities and healthcare companies with highly specialized services and unique expertise in Italy. #PublicServices

Shaping technology for future's society

Deda Next is the new Dedagroup Public Services. A new name and a new brand designed to best reflect the Company's vision of the future and its strategic directions. This new name expresses Deda Next's commitment to support the digital transformation of Public Administrations and Public Services Companies.


Five new
companies for the hub

Expansion in public services

The group was boosted by the creation of Deda Value, established to offer financial restructuring, accounting, tax management, and economic and legal personnel management services for public administrations and healthcare companies.

AI to optimize performance

The group continued to invest in the future and acquired a stake in ORS, a leading company in the development of software platforms that optimize and automate business processes through AI and predictive model construction.

Pervasive and extended digital

Deda Digital was founded, a company in which the group’s skills in the fields of digital strategy design and implementation converged, extending the business process innovation capacity already offered by Derga Consulting.

Credit management
for growth

Pegaso 2000, a company specialized in offering software solutions for the world of credit finance, facilitated finance, and money markets, joined the group, furthering the expertise of the holding company’s finance hub.

The hyper-secure cloud

A few months after its creation, Deda Cloud acquired IFInet: the group consolidated its skills in cybersecurity, network security, connectivity, networking, and datacenter and cloud infrastructures.


Expansion in treasury,
fashion, and cloud

The cloud, security, and managed services

On the cloud services front, the group founded Deda Cloud, the versatile managed cloud services provider that works in synergy with the other hub companies, in order to offer solid and flexible technologies and services.

Growth in treasury and fashion

The aggregation hub was consolidated. Piteco acquired EveryMake and Rad Informatica in the treasury & financial software sector, boosting its expertise in credit recovery and big data matching. Meanwhile, in the fashion sector, Zedonk joined Dedagroup Stealth and the company entered the UK fashion company market.
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Marco Podini at
the helm of the group

US development and consolidation

VisiFI was established in the United States: Dedagroup’s credit union market skills, promoted by EPL and Intech, were consolidated under a single brand. A compact base was created, which the company would use to drive its development in digital banking.

Treasury and finance took off

Further consolidation in the treasury and financial software market: Piteco acquired Myrios, a company listed in the MTA segment of Borsa Italiana, complementing the group’s offering with solutions for enterprise risk management.

New leadership

Marco Podini took over the helm of the Group, becoming its Executive President. Dedagroup continued to build its hub: Dedagroup Business Solutions was established, bringing together vertical skills in the banking, insurance, and industrial segments.
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Hub consolidation and
growth across the world

Global banking expertise

On the international front, growth continued with the arrival of Juniper Payments, which led to the group entering the community banks segment, and Intech, which enabled the group to consolidate its position in the credit union market.

Excellence in vertical markets

The group consolidated the business model of its aggregation hub of excellent companies in their reference markets: formation of Dedagroup Stealth in fashion, Dedagroup Wiz in digital business, and Dedagroup public services for public organizations.
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Group expansion

Dedagroup North America

Dedagroup North America, the “US arm” of the aggregation hub, was founded. The group consolidated its presence in the United States with the arrival of EPL, operating in the credit union sector. Dedagroup’s banking expertise crossed the ocean.

Listing on AIM

Piteco, a company specialized in treasury and financial software, which would be listed on AIM in 2015, also joined the hub. Digital skills expanded when Beltos and Idea Futura also joined the group.
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The great leap forward

Dedagroup doubled in size: with the acquisition of CSC Italia S.r.l. and the creation of DDway, the group entered the fashion market, the large banks segment, the central public administration segment and the manufacturing, utilities, and pharma markets.
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in the Cloud

As a Service: the future

The group laid the foundations for future expansion in the cloud: Dedanext, a company specialized in IaaS and PaaS, was founded, combining processing culture and infrastructural expertise. This stage would be the basis for the creation of Deda Cloud.


in North America

Exploring new horizons

Dedagroup continued its growth path: Dedamex, the group’s first foreign branch, was established in Mexico. In the same year, Dexit, which specializes in desktop management solutions, also joined the group.


Creation of the
Dedagroup brand

A multifaceted and synergic entity

The Dedagroup brand was born. A federation of diverse and synergic skills, which would be at the heart of the aggregation hub concept. The new business plan was launched: growth and expansion through the merger of new entities.


Expansion in corporate and
public organizations markets

New arrivals and expertise

The group continued to grow: Derga, specialized in SAP solutions, and Integra, specialized in information storage and high availability, joined the organization.Software development for public organizations continued with the launch of Civilia Open and Folium.
#DigitalBusiness; #PublicServices

Towards a Web-based society

Delta and Dator joined the group, which in turn became part of the corporate structure of Agorà, one of Italy’s first companies to offer a bulletin board system service, a form of technology that would form the basis of modern telematics.


From fashion to
public services

Stealth and Civilia software were developed

Stealth, the group’s flagship software for the fashion sector, and Civilia, which would drive the development of the group’s expertise in the field of technology for public organizations, were developed.
#Fashion; #PublicServices


Entry into
the IT market

Piteco software was developed

Dator and Delta — the first two IT companies to join the group — were founded. Piteco software, which would go on to become the key element behind Dedagroup’s entry into the treasury & financial software market, was developed.
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