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Dedagroup is a subsidiary of Lillo Spa, the holding company owned by the Podini family.  

From its background in mass-market retail with its MD supermarkets, in 2000 the family decided to invest in information technology, with the aim of creating a platform for bringing together experience and competencies in the Italian Software and Solutions as a Service market.

The milestones of our history

1919 The origins in the “New Italy”
The founder, a Lombardy native, visits Bolzano, which has just become a part of Italy. He sees an opportunity to promote Italian products, which still are little known there, and he sets up a business aimed at introducing cheeses made in Lombardy to this new market.  

1959 Pioneers in self-service 
The family’s wholesale business evolves as they become among the first in Italy to adopt a modern formula that would go on to change Italians’ habits considerably. Patrizio Podini is among the pioneers of Italian mass-market retail, which he helps grow under the Selex alliance with the A&O brand until 1992, when he sells the Alto-Adige based network to Aspiag.  

1994 Discount stores in Southern Italy: a new format and a new area 
The time is finally right to develop the discount supermarkets format in Italy. Supermarkets have changed purchasing habits, but households can then free up resources by saving on their purchases and thus favoring other types of consumption.  
2000 IT and technology for a new society 
The Company has the courage to start up businesses where it can have a positive impact on the development of society: following the family business tradition, Marco Podini seeks to enter an emerging sector, in order to free up resources and promote the competitiveness of Italian companies. 

Deda Group: the IT branch of the Lillo Group 
Deda Group is the IT branch of the Lillo Group. Our history began in Italy, in the Trentino-Alto Adige region: the first two companies acquired by the Podini family with the aim of diversifying their business and starting IT operations in Trento (Delta Informatica) and Bolzano (Dator).  

The merger of the two companies into DeltaDator led to the foundation of our Group.  
The holding company Dedagroup Spa is still based in Trento. From our beginnings in this area, we have grown rapidly, in Italy and worldwide. 


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