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Digital platforms create connections.
Dedication amplifies their value.

With 25 years of experience, we aim to improve our customers' efficiency and competitiveness, creating real digital ecosystems in the banking, insurance, and finance field and supporting large corporations and pharmaceutical companies. We help banks recover agility while ensuring process compliance, responding to crucial international regulations, and seizing every investment or credit facility opportunity.
 Instant payments, open banking, digital branch, API economy are some of the main subjects driving the Group's banking and finance hub. The fintech challenge is indeed a profound disruption and, at the same time, an opportunity for financial institutions that have the chance to rebuild their business models and play an active role in this transformation.

Our goal is to fulfill companies' and financial institutions' commitments through innovative and cutting-edge services capable of adequately responding to the complexity of the 4.0 business. We enhance the local role of banks, built on solidity, security, and accuracy. We help companies and large corporations to manage these new bank/enterprise relations correctly. We improve credit assessment and rebuild business models by reaping the advantages of servitization.

Our banking & financial hub aims to achieve a primary position in the financial credit world, thanks to its understanding of the processes across the entire payment management system: from credit management and issue to non-performing loans management. We put in place a unique set of skills: our knowledge regarding banking and insurance processes, leading solutions in corporate treasury, and specialist advice in debt recovery processes, including out-of-court solutions.

Together with our partners and in our offices on the American continent, we help companies manage all credit processes on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. We operate in Italy, Mexico, and the United States, serving Italy's banks and financial institutions, the U.S. Credit Unions, and even the Mexican cajas, cooperating with some of the world's major debit and credit card providers.

By implementing seamless transformation and integration processes into ecosystems capable of addressing the most significant challenges of the Open Economy, our international hub exports our skills and wants to be a pole of reference for its customers’ journey in the future of finance and the economy. 

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