Dedagroup Digital Academy

Cyber & Operative Systems Edition

Support the evolution of IT services and head toward your future career in cloud computing and cybersecurity


The Dedagroup Digital Academy – Cyber & Operative Systems Edition is a verticalized training program on cybersecurity and operative systems created to promote and develop new skills in the IT and Cloud field. It alternates phygital activities and practical workshops, concluding with a real and concrete opportunity for joining Deda Cloud, Dedagroup's Managed Cloud & Security Services Provider. The program focuses on IT security and operating systems and aims to train future Cybersecurity Engineers and System Engineers. Cybersecurity Engineers will support the definition and fine-tuning of an effective security strategy to establish a continuous cycle of security improvement and investment optimization. System Engineers will address issues related to services and support for managing, monitoring, and optimizing IT infrastructure systems and the main databases, operating systems, and virtual machines.


Qualifications and skills required

The Dedagroup Digital Academy – Cyber & Operative Systems Edition is addressed to high-school graduates, undergraduate students and university graduates with backgrounds in technical-scientific and IT disciplines and a good level of knowledge of English who wish to undertake a challenging professional pathway in Deda Cloud.

The job categories required, which we want to develop within our Group, are Cybersecurity Engineer and System Engineer.


The Dedagroup Digital Academy – Cyber & Operative Systems Edition is a full-time and on-the-job training pathway lasting 6 months. It prepares participants to tackle the most advanced needs of the cloud and cybersecurity market with professionalism and vision thanks to the collaboration of internal and external teachers and constant exchange with a dedicated personal tutor. 

The classroom training — which can take place in full digital and physical mode — will be provided at the Dedagroup headquarters in Trento and will be organized in two phases. The first phase will be common to all the participants; the second will see Cybersecurity Engineers and System Engineers involved in two specialist pathways.

The common part will focus on project management, soft skills, and business economics. In the second part, participants will begin their professional networking and security specialization by designing and dealing with operating systems such as Windows Server and Linux.

The transfer of know-how and technical skills to the program participants will occur thanks to the fundamental collaboration of Deda People — internal tutors who, for over twenty years, have helped to evolve IT paradigms and develop security as a service model for users. They design useful services for today's customers to support them in tomorrow's global growth, believing in forward-looking knowledge and strategy.

Once in the Deda Clouders team, participants will be provided with the tools to understand their role better and fulfill it with ownership and passion. For us, the organization's success is also evaluated by its people's satisfaction and a harmonious work environment, where people can cultivate relationships and indissoluble bonds that go far beyond work.

In addition, participants will join a constantly growing community of young people that fosters dialog and exchange of ideas, suggestions, and information for their professional and personal growth.

An attendance certificate will be issued at the end of the Dedagroup Digital Academy – Cyber & Operative Systems Edition.