Dedagroup Digital Academy

Industry & Data Analytics Edition

Realize the digital transformation in the industrial sector through data science


The Dedagroup Digital Academy – Industry & Data Analytics Edition is a training program created to develop the skills required by the new digital professions in the industry & data analytics field. This educational pathway aims at meeting the industrial sector’s needs, which continue to evolve in response to the transformation of business models and due to the increasingly central role of data and its interpretation — fundamental to supporting businesses. Therefore, the training program is vertically focused on applying data analytics in service of factories’ digital transformation. The Dedagroup Digital Academy – Industry and Data Analytics Edition is intended as a natively fully digital program that includes opportunities for face-to-face dialog, during which participants will be able to take part in practical workshops. The pathway ends with a real and concrete opportunity for company placement.


Qualifications and skills required

The program is aimed at young graduates and new graduates (both in the technical-science and humanities fields) who wish to undertake a challenging professional pathway, in a dynamic company working for the industry – large corporate & data analytics sector. Maximum age of 28 and an advanced level of knowledge of English are required.

The main job category needed, which we want to develop within our Group, is the Consultant. The participants will work from either our Torino, Milano, Tortona, or Bologna offices.


The Dedagroup Digital Academy – Industry & Data Analytics Edition is a full-time and on-the-job training pathway lasting a total of 6 months. Thanks to the collaboration of internal and external teachers, it prepares participants to tackle the most advanced needs of the industry market with professionalism and vision. A dedicated tutor will supervise each participant throughout the course.

The training  will be organized in two phases: the first consisting of cross-corporate lessons, and the second dedicated to vertical sessions relating to the industry & data analytics world

In the cross-corporate training part, the teachers will cover 4 modules, organized into theory lessons and practical workshops. Each module will allow participants to tackle topics linked to Digital Economy, Business Value (economics and performance), Project Management (project management, value-based selling,), People Value field (in-house communication, teamwork and problem solving, time management), and agile methodology

In the specialist training part, the participants will initially explore the programming foundations, with a primary focus on Python, one of the most popular data science programming languages, and Java, one of the most-used languages in the world. The program will then feature a module dedicated to database and SQL activities, examining subjects relating to data models and exploring themes such as the model relationship with the SQL language, ETL processes, BI, and the NOSQL model. These first two modules will help beginners understand the market line better and enter the labor market with a sound foundation. The training will then be divided into two different specialization courses. The first will focus on SAS System and will deal with issues relating to the SAS environment and programming, such as the SAS Base language, the SAS Macro language, and SAS SQL, and introducing SAS reporting and advanced analysis. The second will be dedicated to PTC, examining issues relating to CAD, PLM, augmented reality, and the IoT, with support from PTC applications. At the end of both modules, experts from SAS Italy and PTC Italy will hold a speech.

Internal teachers will play a fundamental role. Thanks to their over 40 years of experience, they will impart their hands-on knowledge of industrial automation, supply chain and production optimization to participants in the Dedagroup Digital Academy – Industry & Data Analytics Edition.

Deda People will therefore be involved both during the theory sessions and as trainers, promoting the transfer of expertise and the dissemination of values, culture, and experiences. A dedicated tutor will indeed supervise each participant throughout the course. 

An attendance certificate will be issued at the end of the Dedagroup Digital Academy – Industry & Data Analytics Edition.