Code of Ethics

Ethical principles of behavior


We share the principles enshrined in the “Code of Business Ethics” adopted by Assinform and aim to define an ethical model strongly based on the principles of transparency, truthfulness of information and relationships with the different company stakeholders: competitors, clients, suppliers, associates and the market at large.  

Ethical principles of conduct 

Integrity and honesty 
Dedagroup S.p.A. operates in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in Italy and, to the extent applicable to specific behavior, in the other countries in which the Company operates, while also observing professional ethics and internal regulations. The pursuit of the interests of Dedagroup S.p.A. cannot ever justify conduct not in keeping with the principles of integrity, honesty and professionalism. Accordingly, all forms of benefit received or offered that may be construed as a means of influencing the judgment or conduct of the parties involved are always rejected. 
Conflicts of interest 
In performing all its activities, Dedagroup S.p.A. strives to avoid situations of actual or merely potential conflict of interest. 
Free competition 
Dedagroup S.p.A. recognizes free, fair competition as a crucial factor to company growth and ongoing improvement. 
Transparency and completeness of useful information 
The information circulated by Dedagroup S.p.A. within the framework of its activities is complete, transparent and comprehensible, so as to permit the recipients to make informed decisions regarding the relationships to be maintained with Dedagroup S.p.A. All dealings and transactions must therefore be duly recorded, authorized, verifiable, lawful, consistent and appropriate. 
Fairness and equality 
In relations with all counterparties, Dedagroup S.p.A. avoids all forms of discrimination by age, racial and ethnic origin, nationality, political opinions, religious beliefs, gender, sex orientation or the state of health of its interlocutors. 
Professionalism and development of human resources 
Dedagroup S.p.A. ensures an adequate level of professionalism in the performance of the tasks assigned to its employees. To this end, it develops the skills of its personnel, providing them with access to appropriate training, professional refresher courses and development opportunities. 
In accordance with applicable legislation, Dedagroup S.p.A. ensures the confidentiality of the information in its possession. Dedagroup S.p.A. employees are prohibited from using “confidential” information for purposes other than performing their professional activities. 
Safeguarding of health 
Regardless of the type of contractual relationship, Dedagroup S.p.A. employees are ensured working conditions respectful of individual dignity, in secure, healthful working environments. 
Environmental protection 
Dedagroup S.p.A. is committed to protecting the environment; in its decisions, it seeks to ensure the compatibility of its economic initiative with environmental needs, in accordance with applicable legislation and while taking account of the development of scientific research and best practices in this area.  
Use of company intellectual and physical property 
Company intellectual and physical property, including IT systems, must be used in accordance with general policies and for its intended purpose, in a manner consistent with its preservation and functionality, while avoiding use in breach of any provision of law.


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