Our enviromental commitment


Protecting the health and wellbeing of our planet is important to us: this is why we monitor the reduction of our activities' footprint in our offices by adopting daily strategies and good practices that may have a positive environmental impact.  

For example, we have worked on the following areas:


Optimizing waste collection to cut paper and plastic consumption and implementing smart water dispensers in our break rooms capable of detecting the presence of cups in drink and coffee vending machines

Engine-downsizing strategy

Adopting an engine-downsizing strategy for the company car fleet, thereby reducing the displacement of the vehicles purchased and creating a company fleet with lower emissions

Data centers

Optimizing our data centers, all developed according to green IT criteria

Photovoltaic system

Installing a photovoltaic system at the Trento office

Business Travel Policy

Optimizing the Business Travel Policy to encourage the increase in the use of trains as a means of transport for Deda People on business trips

Video-conferencing system

Implementing a video-conferencing system at all Deda offices. The system is used as the preferred method of communication, reducing the need to use means of transport for business-related travels and yielding immediate, tangible benefits in terms of reduction of CO2 emissions.

In the balance between physical and virtual: a new "together"

With the introduction of Agile Work made in Deda and the new common rules that have become the subject of discussion at the Ministry of Employment, we have decided to review our way of doing business with a new way of working that balances the physical and virtual dimensions.

Well before the lockdown period, thanks to the Organization and Compliance model and technological and organizational choices implemented over the years, the Group had created a digital infrastructure that is based on three fundamental pillars mobility first, collaboration and cloud — and has guaranteed its people the possibility of remote working from the beginning of the pandemic. In fact, 95% of company staff had transitioned smoothly to home working as early as March 14, 2020.

The evolution from home-working to Agile Working - arrived at the beginning of 2021 - has led the Group to commit to supporting the cultural change taking place by starting the Agile Working Project, with the precise aim of allowing employees to manage their work and time more flexibly, with positive impacts also on the environment and local area thanks to the subsequent reduction in travel. Furthermore, to allow an always easier reconciliation between personal and professional life, the offices will be restyled to create environments that are even more in tune with this working way.

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For us, the new Agile Working Model does not represent a point of arrival, but a further stage on a path of cultural renewal that the Group has embraced and that it intends to follow in the years to come. Our purpose is to create a blended workplace that is in balance between virtual space and physical space, where it is possible to achieve goals and create value with more fluid tools that are less bound to the concept of time and space

Valentina Gilli - Director Human Resources of Deda Group

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