Development of territories: Deda Next takes part in the European project ARCADIA


The initiative aims to test and accelerate the adoption of nature-based solutions to combat climate change and its effects.

At Deda, we support the sustainable development of territories, both environmentally, economically, and socially. We are proud that our commitment translates into a new European initiative.

Deda Next participates alongside the Emilia-Romagna Region in ARCADIA (TrAnsformative climate ResilienCe by nAture-baseD solutions in the contInentAl bio-geographical region). The project, which involves 43 partners from 9 countries, aims to test and accelerate the adoption of Nature-Based Solutions (NBSs) to combat climate change and its effects in different areas of the European Union. 


Among the Nature-Based Solutions that will be tested in Emilia-Romagna are innovative forest management systems. Forests can be engines of sustainable development because they promote the absorption of carbon dioxide and other pollutants and counter hydrogeological disruption. Furthermore, if managed properly, they create development opportunities for local communities through timber production and thus help curb the abandonment of mountain areas.

ARCADIA is thus an example of how connection and collaboration among different actors with different skills and know-how can foster the construction of good practices and virtuous circuits that can be replicated in other contexts. In our case, Deda Next will provide its expertise in geographic and interoperable data management and analysis to build a regional data space to monitor the impacts of the solutions tested on the territory and local communities. 



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