Fashion is sustainability via innovation and technology

The European Digital Product Passport and the regulatory developments in the EU were at the center of Silvia Santato’s speech at the Fashinnovation Worlwide Talks


Driven by consumer demands and new regulations, sustainability is finally at the center of the fashion agenda. Technology plays a central role in this journey, from recycling materials for creating new fabrics to reintroducing inventories into the sales cycle and monitoring sustainability performance. 

But where are we in this transition to greener fashion, and what lies ahead in the coming years? This was the focus of the panel that Silvia Santato, Marketing Manager of Deda Stealth, took part in, along with other players in the FashionTech world, at the Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks


Her talk focused on regulatory developments in the European Union, which is preparing to introduce the Digital Product Passport in the upcoming months to make products more traceable and transparent. This is a crucial change for the evolution of the fashion world towards sustainability, but one that brands must prepare for. That's why a single view of data and constant monitoring of all supply chain stages are key to growth in the fashion industry. 

The video of the panel "Fashion is sustainability via innovation and technology" is available from minute 5:03:18.

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