Getting the balance right

The key to success in the Apparel & Fashion industry is to combine strategies and business models to suit the customers’ needs. Andrea Menè on Retail Today.


Due to the pandemic, the Apparel & Fashion industry had to adapt to changes in customer behaviors, quickly turning to digital and technology. After three years, many of the short-term strategies adopted by brands have become the foundation for success in the industry. Indeed, digital has become pivotal in the purchase processes and supply chain management, while the role and meaning of physical stores have changed. 

On Retail Today, Andrea Menè, Managing Director of Dedagroup Stealth UK and Zedonk, explores the Apparel & Fashion industry evolution in the last three years and explains that the key to competitiveness for brands nowadays lies in combining different strategies and business models to suit the customers’ needs.

The state of the Apparel and Fashion industry for 2023 lies in brands and retailers getting the balance between commerce, technology, marketing and strategic positioning right to suit their businesses, and are certainly now in a great place to achieve this” says Andrea Menè.