A green data center is born in the heart of the mountains

With the University of Trento, Covi Costruzioni, GPI, and ISA, we will realize a unique project in Italy and among the very few in the world: Trentino Data Mine.


Trentino: land of innovation, respecting the environment and the territory. The Trentino Data Mine project is taking shape to build and manage a green data center in the heart of the Trentino mountains. The new company in charge of the project's development has been established today. Thanks to a public-private partnership, it is led by the University of Trento and, in addition to us, includes Covi Costruzioni, GPI and ISA.  

The geographic location is strategic from an environmental perspective, as it allows for land preservation through the use of otherwise unused underground areas, emissions reduction through natural cooling of the spaces, and infrastructure security through rock protection from solar storms and electromagnetic attacks and controllable access. The data center will also be energy efficient and sustainable, using 100 percent renewable sources.  


The project is the result of an initiative by the University of Trento. It seizes the opportunity of the NRRP to promote the development of a widespread innovation ecosystem and thus give rise to new services that exploit the potential of AI, high-performance computing, edge computing, and cybersecurity. An Innovation Facility that brings to the territory and our customers all the value of the Open Innovation and Open Integration model that we have pursued for a long time.  

Trentino Data Mine aims to become a European reference for digital innovation and to enhance collaboration between research institutions, companies, technology infrastructure, and facilities in the territory, particularly in health, digital security, data, and financial management. In addition to the University of Trento, other public partners, such as Fondazione Bruno Kessler and EIT Digital, will also play an important role in the project. 


Photo credits: Tassullo


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