VisiFI is a finalist in the Callahan Innovation Series 2023

The Group enhances their innovative positioning in the U.S. credit union’s landscape


The digital landscape is constantly changing. People expect solutions that meet their evolving needs – and they expect them right now. Supporting financial institutions in adopting innovative solutions to face the new market’s challenges is one of Deda’s primary goals in the Banking & Finance industry. 

Therefore, it is a great pleasure that VisiFI, the group’s company aimed at helping U.S. credit unions embrace digital to grow, is a finalist in the Callahan Innovation Series 2023 in the digital category. Each year, the Callahan Innovation Series assesses the most innovative players aiming to empower - through technology – the credit unions movement across the United States.

VisiFI will present its new digital lending app, specifically designed for credit union members. VisiFI folded in AI, behavioral science, and creative lending techniques to create a workflow and atmosphere that brings loans into the credit union by speaking to members in their language. 

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