Industry players come together for Circular Fashion road map

The results of the Monitor for Circular Fashion Report 2021, presented by WWD


The sustainability and circularity challenge should be faced with concrete and simple actions by the Fashion system as a whole. This is the main output of the 2021 Report produced by the Monitor for Circular Fashion, a multi-stakeholder project spearheaded by SDA Bocconi and Enel X and seeing Dedagroup Stealth among the partners involved, says WWD

The report focuses on 14 circular KPIs and their application in the fashion system, including circular design, co-creation, up- and downcycling, peer-to-peer platforms, waste management, and repair. 

Among the key findings, it underscores that ingredient companies and suppliers have so far led the sustainability agenda and that customers’ engagement will be essential in enhancing circular and virtuous behaviors. Furthermore, brands should focus more on transparency and traceability across the value chain, an aspect in which technology plays a primary role, allowing brands to manage increasingly complex processes and large amounts of data.