Deda Stealth in Stella McCartney stores worldwide

The project seeks to digitalize retail, optimizing sales assistants’ work to offer consumers an even more unique experience.


Trento, February 21, 2023Deda Stealth, a subsidiary of Dedagroup that has supported the growth of the foremost brands in fashion and luxury retail with its expertise and software platform for 30 years, has provided its solutions to the iconic ethical and sustainable fashion brand Stella McCartney at its stores worldwide.

To support Stella McCartney's growth and expansion strategy, Deda Stealth has innovated and digitalized the processes of 50 stores, resulting in more linear, seamless and transparent operations. The key goal is to make the work of sales assistants easier so that they can dedicate more time to customers, offering a more unique, unforgettable purchasing experience.

The boutique experience is once again central to brands' sales strategies. The BCG True-Luxury Global Consumer Insight report analyzed 2,600 luxury customer journeys and investigated several elements underestimated by brands that fuel customers' dissatisfaction with the digital experience, and found that the level of satisfaction in the physical channel is twice as high in luxury than in the mass market. The study also revealed luxury brands' online shopping experiences showed low satisfaction compared to mass retailers and pure online players. 

The digital transformation project launched by Stella McCartney and Deda Stealth uses technology to make store management more efficient, placing the entire store management process into the hands of store operators through a mobile device and dedicated applications ("Stealth in Your Pocket"). In a few clicks, five apps provide an always up-to-date view of key retail processes: the state of inbound shipments, oversight of warehouse transactions and inventory, a breakdown of products by description or barcode, effective inventory creation both in-store and in the central warehouse — including in offline mode for areas not reachable by Wi-Fi —, and management of e-commerce orders. 
In one year, Stella McCartney managed over 9,000 warehouse movements (S-Movement is used in 44% of cases) and scanned more than 312,000 items (with S-Inventory used in 84% of cases), with a considerably stronger store management efficiency that translated into more time for sales assistants to devote to their customers. 

We are proud to have helped concretely implement Stella McCartney's development strategy, as the brand makes the digitalization of its worldwide stores a major element of growth and expansion at the global level. Innovating is key to a smarter, more customer-oriented future of retail," pointed out Luca Tonello, General Manager, Deda Stealth. “Indeed, today's fashion companies increasingly need to improve their efficiency and speed of processes through advanced data management and analysis. Thanks to the close collaboration with the Stella McCartney team, we identified the key factors enabling the brand's transformation in the retail environment and launched an innovation strategy focused on digital and easy-to-use tools to improve the physical store experience.”

Stella McCartney chose Deda Stealth as soon as it joined LMVH, relying — like the group's other brands — on the innovation enabled by the Stealth Platform, which manages all the specific processes of the fashion world: from manufacturing and procurement to sales and distribution, it allows omnichannel strategies and ensures optimal data and process control throughout the value chain.

Today, the brand can count on a platform that offers a unique vision of data updated in real time, making it possible to track and measure its impact in terms of sustainability throughout the supply chain. This is a fundamental aspect not only for a company that has made ethical and sustainable fashion its founding principle but also for all brands called on to become ever more ESG-oriented, to make their processes increasingly virtuous and transparent, and to measure the impacts of their activities.


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