Deda Stealth launches a strategic partnership with Planet

The new integrated ecosystem of solutions dedicated to fashion retail will ensure an even more advanced omnichannel experience


Trento, June 19, 2023 – Deda Stealth, a Dedagroup company that has supported the growth of the foremost brands in fashion and luxury retail with its expertise and software platform for 30 years, struck a strategic partnership with Planet, a company that provides worldwide payment solutions and services.

Planet's payment management systems are integrated into the Stealth Retail module, which enables real-time, centralized control of all sales and distribution information. The combination of skills, innovations, and software put in place by the two companies provides the fashion world with an integrated ecosystem of solutions that allows the entire process — from production to product sales and payments — to be managed globally and from an omnichannel perspective. Thus, brands can better respond to the new needs of consumers looking for a seamless shopping experience that blurs the boundaries between physical and digital. 

The integration of Planet and Deda Stealth solutions provides further opportunities for fashion companies that aim to grow internationally, as it streamlines the processes and unifies available information. Thanks to the unified view of each market's data, it will be possible to make informed decisions, monitor sales accurately and without errors, and take real-time actions with strategies based on 'empirical' knowledge. This will also lead to a growing understanding of customers and their purchasing habits, providing them with an even more personalized experience in line with different needs. 

"Creating a solid and broad ecosystem of solutions and partners is a fundamental element of our growth strategy, not only in Italy but worldwide," highlighted Luca Tonello, General Manager of Deda Stealth. "With Planet, we are launching a collaboration that we are sure will benefit our customers greatly in terms of simplification, but also of internationalization, allowing them to have a unified view of all the markets in which they operate and thus better analyze the results, reduce margins of error and plan development paths, by leveraging even more data."

"Structuring strategic partnerships at a Group level is an integral part of a GoToMarket process that Planet wanted to address in the past 12 months. In this sense, Deda Stealth represents the ideal partner for ensuring that we have international penetration of the target market by strengthening a scalable and customizable commercial proposition on different fronts, according to the needs of individual retailers," added Stefano Uggeri, SVP & GM Retail Italy of Planet.


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