Dedagroup Business Solutions grows and invests in the bank-business relationship segment. Laser and Opentech acquired.


With the two M&As, the Company accelerates in the Data and Governance, Risk & Compliance areas.


Trento, October 30, 2023Dedagroup Business Solutions — a Dedagroup company that meets the innovation needs of financial institutions through its in-depth knowledge of processes and regulations in the finance and large corporate markets — is expanding through two M&As.

The company acquired 100% of Opentech, a software house specializing in Governance, Risk & Compliance integrated solutions, and a 90% interest in Laser, a digital consultancy and development firm that, thanks to its solid data management expertise, supports companies in the digital transformation of their processes and services.With the acquisition of Laser and Opentech — which are pooling their expertise in two different but complementary fields —, Dedagroup Business Solutions will integrate new solutions and competencies with a view to enhancing and further developing the bank-business relationship. This is fundamental to trigger new forms of collaboration between the industrial and financial sectors, thus fostering the development of an ecosystem of banks, insurance companies and businesses that is crucial for the economic growth of the local areas and of the whole country.

Gianni Spada, CEO of Dedagroup Business Solutions, stated: “The inclusion of Laser and Opentech in our Group is consistent with Dedagroup’s growth and development path. The Group’s entrepreneurial vision aims at bringing together leading Italian firms and promoting collaboration and synergy among different operators, enhancing the positive impacts that they have on the local areas, communities and customers, as well as integrating this new value into our current initiatives both at Italian and international level. Thanks to the two acquisitions, we have expanded our vision of the financial and large corporate sectors to increasingly effectively understand and meet the new needs of banks, insurance companies and businesses operating in different fields and contexts.”


OPENTECH: Governance, Risk & Compliance to support banking and insurance processes


The acquisition of Opentech is part of the plan to strengthen the Finance & Data Hub — center of excellence combining the competencies and software of the different Dedagroup companies that operate in the data, and banking & finance fields to provide banks, insurance companies, financial operators and large corporates with the most advanced solutions. This drives forward the development of the Governance, Risk & Compliance area that began in 2022 with the acquisition of Berma, a company specializing in software solutions for anti-money laundering, the fight against terrorist financing, and risk mitigation. 

Opentech developed the GO GRC 2.0 application suite, which consists of several integrable and independent solutions that support specific risk governance and control processes methodologies and that can be parametrized according to the specific needs of each customer. Vertical solutions are also available for the specific operational needs of public services (Corruption Prevention, Performance & Procurement). 
Opentech complements its solutions with governance, risk, compliance, audit, IT and consulting services to facilitate the methodological and procedural adaptation to the recent requirements of corruption prevention, Italian law No. 231/2001, anti-money laundering, data protection and IT security.

Building on the expertise developed by its team, it supports companies in the regulatory compliance and corporate legal inventory planning phase.


LASER: data culture at the service of digital transformation


Through the acquisition of Laser, Dedagroup Business Solutions strengthens its expertise in governance and data interpretation supporting large corporates. 

Laser supports telecommunications and manufacturing companies in defining the digitalization path that best meets their needs through process analysis, identification of the most suitable strategy, selection of the most appropriate technologies and development of the solution. Laser is deeply aware of the power of data and stands out for its expertise in data management, processing and interpretation. Thanks to an extensive knowledge of application solution design and development, Laser operates in the digital industry managing internal processes digitalization through a plan that thoroughly integrates existing technologies and new solutions. Exploiting the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, big data and open data, Laser is at the forefront of launching and managing its customers’ smart manufacturing process. Furthermore, it supports companies with communication and marketing solutions to identify critical success factors for a better competitive positioning against competitors. 

Having based its offering on flexible and diversified competencies, it is able to meet the needs of medium-sized companies and large multinational players, adopting the typical methodologies of large organizations.


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