New acquisitions to grow in the AI and Data Intelligence market


Dedagroup acquires 100% of Nodes and increases its stake in ORS to 51%


The ten M&As closed since 2020 confirm Dedagroup’s role as aggregating hub of outstanding Italian software and digital companies


Trento, December 20th, 2022 | Dedagroup — an aggregating hub of Italian outstanding companies in the Software and Solutions as a Service market, operating in more than 50 countries with over 4,000 customers — is continuing to pursue its organic and non-organic growth strategy, further reinforcing its presence and offerings in the increasingly strategic areas of AI and data intelligence.
The Group has acquired 100% of Nodes, a company founded in Rome in 2006 that specializes in big data and analytics, data quality and governance, data protection and master data management for the development of corporate solutions to govern data and transform them into key information supporting decision-making processes. 

In addition, Dedagroup has also sharply increased from 20% to 51% its stake in ORS, a company founded in Roddi (Cuneo, Italy) that has grown rapidly in Italy and abroad, particularly in the USA, becoming a leading developer of software platforms for optimizing and automating business processes using AI algorithms. The deal, which today brings Dedagroup to acquire a controlling interest, follows the Group’s initial investment in ORS in 2021. This investment immediately spurred the development of significant financial and industrial synergies between ORS and several Group companies, such as with Piteco in corporate treasury management solutions, with RAD Informatica in debt recovery, with Berma for anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism, and with Dedagroup Stealth for supply chain optimization in the fashion sector. The new structure has also led to a change in governance, with the Group's personnel taking on operational roles alongside ORS Founder and CTO Pierluigi Riva and ORS Deputy Chairman Fabio Zoffi. In detail, Marco Podini has taken on the role of Chairman, Marco Bellinzona of CEO, Marco Raoss has been appointed CFO and Gianni Spada Director.
Through these two transactions, Dedagroup is thus expanding its skillset — with an overall transversal team of more than 200 experts — and its software solutions (both in-house and as-a-service) for process digitalization and smart data management in the key sectors in which it operates: Banking & Finance, Treasury & Financial Software, Energy, Fashion, Retail & Manufacturing, Digital Business and Public Services. 

Marco Podini, Dedagroup’s Executive Chairman, stated: “Data and AI have been the focus of our attention and development efforts for several years, cutting across all the main areas in which we operate. As we constantly analyze the market, we are able to identify opportunities that offer not only technological excellence, but also an approach and ability to develop solutions tailored to the customers’ needs. Although to many technological efficiency means standardization, we at Dedagroup strongly believe that it instead relates to the ability to personalize — a goal that can only be achieved through human intelligence governance. In both Nodes and ORS, we have found what to us is the quintessential combination of the highest technological standards and that ability to interpret, and thus respond, that the market needs in order to evolve. This is the approach we believe should be taken to fully exploit the strength of data and AI — key assets in the digitalization and efficiency of all processes.

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