Are Virtual Showrooms the New Standard in Wholesale?

WWD highlights how in 2020, virtual showrooms are significantly taking place and mentions Zedonk among the providers that made this technology grow further


Companies rely more and more on technology to showcase new seasons, making virtual showrooms and live streaming take hold in the fashion industry. According to WWD, this is due to the pandemic but also to the possibility to live more customizable and immersive virtual experiences. The leading providers are indeed delivering digital showrooms designed to look identical to the brand’s physical showrooms, allowing the users to explore the environment without the restraints of physical space. 

Among the providers that made virtual showroom technology grow further, there is Zedonk. The UK company was acquired by Dedagroup Stealth in May and focuses on helping small and medium-sized brands run production, wholesale and logistics processes. Through the integrations with Joor, Le New Black, Ordre and NuOrder, the company allows fashion companies to collate and directly integrate their orders into Zedonk’s ERP system.

Many brands, who heavily rely on wholesaling, have had no other choice but to look into new ways of selling” said Andrea Menè, director at Zedonk, to WWD “With international fashion weeks and tradeshows shifting to be digital, selling their collections virtually is the only way these brands are able to continue, for now”.