Leverage technology to best compete in an ever-evolving market

How credit unions can adapt to new trends in Roger Willey’s interview for the CUInsight Network podcast


When it comes to competing with big banks, credit unions can and do have competitive advantages in reaching consumers. Yet, the US banking market is evolving fast, and credit unions need to get more agile and adapt to changes to keep pace with it. To do that, they must fully embrace digital transformation and adopt a fresh perspective on the market. Indeed, for credit unions, digital can be a challenge as well as an opportunity as it levels the playing field for financial institutions.  

In the latest episode of the CUInsight Network podcast, VisiFI Chief Revenue Officer Roger Willey discusses how credit unions can leverage technology to adapt to new trends, support longevity, and connect with members. He talks about opportunities to develop data, intelligence, and services. Finally, he also shares how VisiFI, the Deda Group’s company aimed at helping Credit Unions to embrace digital to grow, is innovating for the future to ensure credit unions can always meet the expectations of their clients in an ever-evolving market.