Physical and Digital, together

Stepping Stones FCU’s Bank on Wheels project – realized with VisiFI’s support – brings the branch to the community. The article of Credit Union Times


The digital transformation process is raising new expectations in Credit Unions’ members. VisiFI - the Deda Group’s company operating in the U.S. Credit Unions’ industry – is working closely with the CUs to provide them with the right technologies to fulfill these new needs. An interesting case of this approach is the Stepping Stones Community Federal Credit Union’s Bank on Wheels project.  

Stepping Stones FCU worked together with VisiFI to bring their branch to the community. It converted a van into a mobile branch equipped with the ability to perform transactions such as opening accounts for members and issuing ATM cards, serving its members even during the pandemic.  

Blanche Jackson, CEO at Stepping Stones FCU, talked about the project with Credit Union Times. One of the biggest challenges of getting the van ready for the road was implementing a secure technology system, she said: “We had to have wireless internet and a secure firewall, and then we had to make sure that the laptop and the card printer would communicate with the equipment that was in there and with each other”.  

A digital branch, and the technology that’s behind it, should always be connected and totally secure: so, both the partnership with the Internet provider, and the VPN secure access to VisiFI’s digital solutions, where crucial to allow us to give our community services from the van.