The Group keeps on growing in the Treasury & Financial Software industry

Piteco confirms its relevance in the field and looks to the STAR market segment.


Deda Group keeps on expanding its vertical relevance in the diverse business markets the company operates in. Among these, there is the distinctive offering proposed in the Treasury & Financial Software industry through its company Piteco, a competence that was further recognized by a remarkable increase of Piteco’s title on the Stock Exchange market, which almost doubled in the last six months. 

"People noticed our solid growth," stated Marco Podini, Executive Chairman of Deda Group, the parent company of Piteco, to Milano Finanza. "They noticed what we are doing in a field which is very similar to the famous fintech everyone is talking about."  

The bold approach adopted in the last five years allowed the Group to consolidate its position in the financial software industry. Five acquisitions in five years brought to the creation of a companies’ hub in the financial industry, that includes both national and international businesses. In particular, in a few years Piteco acquired two companies specialized in the data matching field, one in the correspondent banking and digital payment solutions, one in the risk management area and just a few months ago, a company specialized in the credit recovery segment. The know-how that Piteco earned through these acquisitions allowed to expand their ability to go beyond firms', banks' and insurance companies' needs. Piteco was thus able to make finance easier to manage thanks to the use of technology.  

"The proprietary software that we realized allows the automatization of the financial industry processes," tells Marco Podini, "especially in the field of corporate treasury and to solve the needs related to cash management."  

After its debut on Aim, Piteco moved to the digital Stock Exchange two years ago, from where it now looks to the STAR. However, the company is not stopping its growth here: Piteco is looking at European markets for the next acquisitions.