Organizational wellbeing

Organizational wellbeing


Behind all software, technological solutions and services are people who work for other people with competence, an ability to execute and a drive for innovation, but also with determination, healthy curiosity and team spirit.  
This is why people's wellbeing is important to collective growth.  

Throughout our development process, we have pursued the goal of social commitment, out of the conviction that competitiveness must unavoidably be accompanied not only by ethical sensitivity, but also by the direct engagement of those who work at the Company.  

We have created a range of initiatives with the specific aim of supporting the work-life balance of our people, because we are convinced that a positive company environment can benefit individual wellbeing, and therefore the wellbeing of organizations and society at large.

In 2016, we were awarded the Family Audit certification, bearing witness to our commitment to this issue.


Some of the initiatives through which we tend to the wellbeing of our employees and seek to improve quality of life at the Company:


Among the benefits for our employees are programs involving brands in various product categories: Cisalfa, Callipo, Alpitour World, FCA and many more.

All Deda People can also purchase a healthcare policy with special terms. This is a way to take care of the health of our people.  

This initiative was further reinforced during the Coronavirus emergency: we contracted an ad-hoc policy dedicated to all those who were to be hospitalized or receive intensive care as a result of Covid-19.


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