Organizational wellbeing

Organizational wellbeing


Behind all software solutions, technologies and services, there are people working for other people with expertise, executive ability, a drive for innovation, as well as with determination, healthy curiosity, and team spirit. That's why people's wellbeing is vital to collective growth. 

For this reason, throughout our development path, we have pursued the social commitment goal. Indeed, competitiveness must unavoidably be combined with ethical sensitivity and the direct engagement of those who work in our company. 
 We have created a range of initiatives to support the Deda People's work-life balance. Indeed, we believe that a positive company environment can benefit individual wellbeing and, therefore, the wellbeing of our company and society at large.

People are our company's key element. Therefore, each person's empowerment is at the heart of our new way of working. We strongly believe in distributed leadership, whereby each person is the first owner of the results achieved.

Valentina Gilli, HR Director, Dedagroup


Family Audit

Proof of our commitment to people's wellbeing is the Family Audit certification we received in 2016. This certification is based on strict standards and proves a company's commitment to promoting its employees' work-life balance.


A blended workplace

Here are some actions we put into practice to take care of the Deda People’s wellbeing and seek to improve our company life quality:


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