Dedagroup’s Agile Work project continues to evolve


The Group announces the hiring of 400 new employees for 2022. Furthermore, it launches a training path to make hybrid working more efficient, healthy, and sustainable


Dedagroup continues growing. After hiring 200 people in 2020 and 300 people in 2021, it announced 400 new job openings for 2022. So, today the Group confirms its firm belief that people are its main asset and one of the key pillars of its development strategy. 

The Deda People's well-being has always been one of Dedagroup's main focuses. Therefore, at the beginning of 2021, the Group decided to launch the Agile Work project. The choice was based on the results of an internal survey and aimed at improving the balance between professional and private life, attracting new talents, and motivating the people already working in the company. The project is part of a broader cultural and technological evolutionary process. It entails a strategic reorganization of activities based on measurable goals. Agile work in Dedagroup means experiencing work differently, both at home and in the office. Indeed, the project brought about the creation of new co-working spaces to make teamwork and cooperation easier.  


Today, 90% of the Deda People chose to work in a hybrid way, thus alternating home working with office working. The significant decrease in commuting made people's lives easier and more sustainable. According to an internal survey, CO2 emissions have been reduced by 80%, with a 1.631 CO2 saving for 2021, which equals 54.000 new trees.  

Yet, the project continues to evolve. Dedagroup is now launching an e-learning training path to accompany the cultural evolution that the Group is experiencing. The course focuses on strengthening three specific soft skills: self-organization, self-leadership, and the ability to communicate efficiently and transparently. Indeed, these skills are essential to make remote working more efficient, healthy, and sustainable.  

"In Dedagroup, we believe that work is identity and relationship. Therefore, starting new relationships with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders is key to creating a professional identity. This phase of the Agile Work project is a further step toward constructing a new Dedagroup, where trust, flexibility, and responsibility are at the center. Here people will be able to entertain a healthier relationship with their colleagues even when they work remotely. To reach this goal, they will need to learn new soft skills that help enhance agile working," said Valentina Gilli, HR Director at Dedagroup


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