How to manage the store operations in a few clicks


Deda Stealth and Stella McCartney simplify the store assistants’ work and improve customers’ experience.

The boutique experience is central to luxury brands’ growth strategy. That’s according to BCG’s True Luxury Global Consumer Insight report, which found that, in the luxury world, the level of satisfaction with the physical retail channel doubles that of the mass market. At the same time, digital shopping experiences encounter greater dissatisfaction than mass retail and players operating exclusively online. 

Therefore, the work of store assistants is critical to providing a satisfying customer experience. But behind the scenes, store assistants have much to do: manage online orders, receive goods, know what inventory is in stock, and take inventories. 


How can they simplify their work and, at the same time, make the customer experience unique and unforgettable? 

The iconic ethical and sustainable fashion brand Stella McCartney worked with Deda Stealth to digitize the processes of its fifty stores worldwide and, with a mobile device and dedicated apps, put the management of the entire store in the hands of sales assistants. The result? Store assistants can now easily manage in-store operations and have more time to dedicate to customer care

That is just one part of the digital transformation project in which Stella McCartney and Deda Stealth have been working side by side to respond to today’s fashion challenges, from omnichannel to traceability of the supply chain with a view to sustainability.



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