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Are you motivated, want to grow, think that training isn’t over when you enter the world of work? Do you possess technical skills and want to make the most of them, or develop your soft skills? Come into the Deda Group’s collaborative ecosystem! At Deda Group, we have designed a continuous learning system aimed at developing skills, promoting collective intelligence and innovation. We’ve called it (Y)Our Dedagroup Training & Culture.


The jewel in the crown of the (Y)Our program is a complete master’s degree course dedicated to Deda People which is aimed at improving the technical and leadership skills of Hipo and HiPro (HighPotential and HighProfessional) individuals. 

(Y)Our Master is an 18-month training project. Deda People teach their colleagues participating in the training program as part of a double growth process: participants in the master’s degree program learn new content and tools, while those acting as teachers learn to transfer skills and knowledge, after specific training, which we refer to as “train for trainers”. 

The general areas of the training program include: 

  • Be Deda, for the development of a common Group culture; 
  • Personal Effectiveness, which aims to reinforce leadership and self-leadership; 
  • BU Excellence, designed to enhance the transversal competencies linked to the sectors in which we operate. 

FIT Talks

FIT Talks are opportunities for informal, interactive dialog with scholars and innovators, digital business players and leaders of cutting-edge companies. A valuable chance to exchange views and discuss the future.

Our FIT Talks have put big names on stage, including: Maria Chiara Carrozza (Full Professor at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa and former Italian Minister of Education, University and Research); Giulio Cesareo (CEO at Directa Plus, global producer and supplier of graphene nanoplatelets-based products) and Andrea Segrè (Professor of International and Comparative Agricultural Policy at the University of Bologna and Professor of Circular Economy at the University of Trento).

Tech Talks are a way of exchanging views – not only amongst colleagues – and sharing innovative approaches and technologies.

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Training, when and where you want it


Our E-Academy is one of the continuous & social learning tools available to Deda People with training video clips that mix soft-skills and cross-industry content. An online training catalogue that is evolving over time, available anywhere and at any time.


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