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Are you motivated, want to grow, think that training isn’t over when you enter the workplace? Do you have technical skills and want to make the most of them, or develop your soft skills? Come into the Deda Group’s collaborative ecosystem! At Deda Group, we have designed a continuous learning system aimed at developing skills, promoting collective intelligence and innovation. We’ve called it (Y)Our Dedagroup Training & Culture.


We are Sapiens, indeed Deda Sapiens: people endowed not only with rationality and ability, but true intelligence and flexibility that can adapt to the changing circumstances that characterize actual reality and our economic action: we know how to react to criticalities with our commitment, we overcome obstacles to our actions with creativity and passion.

Marco Podini - Executive president of Deda Group

Our know-how is deeply intertwined with how we work and carry out our daily activities, with the principles and values shared by our Group. Knowing how to do, but also how to be, are two sides of the same coin. Preparation, competence and cohesion, collaboration, and shared values are the solid pillars on which (Y)Our Deda rests.

Valentina Gilli - Director Human Resources of Deda Group

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