Working as a system to respond to new fashion trends

A partnership between Deda Stealth and Planet to ensure an even more advanced omnichannel experience


Within an increasingly phygital world, the fashion retail sector is working relentlessly to bring purchasing processes closer to consumers' needs. Indeed, while for end customers, the ability to move seamlessly from a physical to a digital dimension is now considered almost a commodity, for brands, the unified management of all processes from an omnichannel perspective is still a challenge. 

It is often difficult for companies in the fashion system to keep up with evolving consumer behavior, and it is precisely to respond to these changes that it is essential to work from an ecosystem perspective. Thus was born the strategic partnership between Deda Stealth and Planet, which aims to integrate their respective expertise and solutions in fashion and fashion retail and in the payments field to enable brands to manage, globally and from an omnichannel perspective, the entire process from production to sales. With a single view on data, brands can provide their customers with an even more advanced shopping experience, with no boundaries between physical and digital.  


"Creating a solid and broad ecosystem of solutions and partners is a fundamental element of our growth strategy, not only in Italy but worldwide," highlighted Luca Tonello, General Manager of Deda Stealth. "With Planet, we are launching a collaboration that we are sure will benefit our customers greatly in terms of simplification, but also of internationalization, allowing them to have a unified view of all the markets in which they operate and thus better analyze the results, reduce margins of error and plan development paths, by leveraging even more data."



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